Camping at New Jack City (Sawtooth Canyon Campground) is currently free and first-come first-served. As of October, 2016, there is no campground host. The Barstow Field Office (BLM) is now actively looking for a volunteer camp host that would be in charge of New Jack (Sawtooth Canyon), Owl Canyon and Afton Canyon campgrounds (Call 760-252-6040 if you’re interested).

Group site in the foreground and White Face sites in the back.

There are 13 campsites and 1 group site (The BLM counts the camp host as site #1, so the numbering seems off). All sites have a ramada, cement table, fire pit, separate fire grill and variously sized tent pads. The group site has an extra large ramada that covers 4 cement tables. The grill is huge and it has an extra large fire pit. There is no water or trash services at New Jack (bring lots of water and trash bags). There are two CXT restrooms (one at each end of the grounds) which are infrequently stocked/cleaned (bring toilet paper).

Current site numbers and locations:


Posted Campground Rules:

These are loosely enforced since the campground host left. Please follow them as closely as possible so we can keep enjoying this great and free spot.

  • All sites are on a first come first serve basis and camping is allowed only in designated campsites.
  • Camping is limited to 14 days within a 28 day period
  • Quiet hours are 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  • No person shall remove or injure any plants, trees (there are no trees, just huge gotcha bushes), flowers, rocks, fossils, artifacts or animarls found in Sawtooth Canyon.
  • Shooting of firearms, other weapons or fireworks is prohibited
  • No dumping of sewage or grey water
  • No OHV use is allowed in the Sawtooth Canyon area. All licensed vehicles must remain on roads that are posted as open.
  • Headlight and taillights are required during darkness.
  • 15 mph within 50 feet of campsites, people or animals (keeping it 15 everywhere reduces dust).
  • No open alcoholic containers in a motor vehicle
  • Fires must be built only in provided fire rings and fire pits (no new fire pits)
  • No firewood containing nails, screws or metal hardware.
  • No glass containers
  • Pack it in /Pack it out; Dispose of trash properly. (Bring a little extra home with you!)
Site #9. The closest to Raven Rocks and across the road from Crossfire Crag.

Site #9. The closest to Raven Rocks and across the road from Crossfire Crag.